Treatment Philosophy

    The legs of a patient
    sitting on a chair
    are described.

    Through the image of a patient sitting stably,
    the treatment philosophy of Central Varicose Vein Clinic on wishing for health and recovery of the patient’s legs were described.

    Legs are the pillars of the human body, and play the role of a root in a tree.
    Central Varicose Vein Clinic performs treatment to enable the patient’s legs to perform these roles stably.

    Central Varicose Vein Clinic was opened in 2007 for priority treatment
    on Varicose Vein, and the word of mouth on the outstanding skills
    of Central Varicose Vein Clinic had spread to have patients visiting
    from all over Korea, USA, Canada, and even Koreans living in South America.
    Central Varicose Vein Clinic has grown to be the leading varicose vein clinic in Gangnam,
    visited by not only patients living in Korea, but also foreigners all around the world.

    It was not easy to get close with the patients due to the imposing
    and serious image of the ‘Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery’.
    As a thoracic & cardiovascular surgeon,
    there were abundant amount of clinical experiences on varicose vein surgery
    on the lower limbs through the coronary artery bypass graft,
    so this major was able to be utilized on opening the clinic,
    and decided on priority treatment of varicose vein to be closer to the patients.

    That is because of the philosophy
    to protect the rights
    and interests of the patients
    that are working hard in life.

    It is a pity to see the patients not being suspicious of varicose vein even when there are clear symptoms.
    Until the blood vessels are protruding on the legs,
    the patients carry their heavy legs to attend their jobs diligently due to a great amount of work and no time to rest.
    However, our secondary heart, the calves are suffering from the burden,
    and the patients are in pain from the swollen and heavy legs. What you see is not everything.

    When Varicose Vein was excluded from compensation of actual expense insurance in 2016 to intrude
    with the rights and interests of the patients,
    the position as the Chairman of Real Cost Insurance Countermeasure Committee
    by the Medical World was taken to inform the iniquity of the provision to the Financial Supervisory Commission,
    and he succeeded in amending the standard clauses.
    That is because of the philosophy to protect the rights and interests of the patients that are working hard in life.

    • 01
      Faithful to the Principle & Basics

      From the consultation, prescription and guide on the treatment method to the patient, and treatment to the follow-up management, all these processes must be led directly by the professional medical team. At Central Varicose Vein Clinic, the director is in charge of consultation on all these processes, real-time ultrasound examination and surgical treatment. The patients have the right to fully enjoy the treatment and medical services for their body, healthy life and the future. By being faithful to the basics, consultation, prescription, treatment and follow-up management are performed directly to the patients in a strict manner.

    • 02
      Continuing the Study and Research as a Doctor

      From the consultation, prescription and guide on the treatment method to the patient, and treatment to the follow-up management, the medical field is advancing every day. In the past, varicose vein has few causes of occurrence, but there are more and more causes of varicose vein, and early diagnosis and treatment become more important. There is no end to the research for the health of the patients. More efforts will be given with the consideration that continuing the research is a mission of the medical team for safer treatment.

    • 03
      Detailed and Close Consultations before the Treatment

      When treating varicose vein, it is very important to have sufficient amount of conversation and consultation to learn about the patient. To enable this, Central Varicose Vein Clinic is expanding the contact point with the patients through NAVER Knowledge iN, HiDoc, and by managing an official internet café in Naver. Close attention will be given to the patients as the attending doctor to improve the quality of life of the patients through proper treatment.

    • 04
      Your Attending Physician

      When recollecting of each patient who received the treatment, the patient’s feelings, symptoms and the conversations during the consultations are remembered. Central Varicose Vein Clinic is your attending physician that thinks and treats in respect of the patients at all times.

    • 05
      Safe Surgery is Promised.

      It is meaningless if the surgery is not safe.
      The safe varicose vein surgery is possible through surface anesthesia, twilight anesthesia and local anesthesia, and strict follow-up management is performed for the patient’s recovery of consciousness and recovery from the surgery.

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