Examination & Diagnosis

    Varicose Vein Examination & Diagnosis

    Early treatment is important!
    Will you carry your heavy legs until the veins are protruding on the legs?

    Are there continuous nights with difficulty in sleeping from the pain in the legs?
    Symptoms of heavy legs should not be disregarded.

    Central Vein Examination System

    Causes may differ depending on the patient, so the diagnosis of the cause is enabled based on detailed medical history and examination.

    Blood vessels are in the form of a tree with branches from the root, and without experiences and know-how on blood vessel examination, problems on only the branches are treated to result in recurrence of the symptoms.
    This is because the fundamental cause was not found.

    Central Varicose Vein Clinic finds the exact cause of disorder in blood circulation through many years of blood vessel examination know-how and detailed examination. The problematic blood vessel that cannot be found in other hospitals are found, and this is the reason that patients come to Central Varicose Vein Clinic when recurring with the symptoms from a surgery in other hospitals.

    Vascular Ultrasound


    Varicose Vein Diagnosis

    When the period of blood backflow passes a certain level of period after the Vascular Ultrasound on the lower limbs, surgery is required. An examination can be made through Vascular Ultrasound for the proper function of the vein valves of the lower limbs, blood backflow, and the seriousness. The results can be checked immediately after the examination, and the examination result is shown to the patient with descriptions to determine the treatment direction through sufficient amount of consultation.


    Physical Examination

    The examination by the doctor without using special equipment is referred to as the ‘physical examination’. In the case of Varicose Vein, the range and thickness of the varicose vein can be observed visually to identify any complications such as dermatitis or pigmentation, etc. The examination can be made by the hand to check the elasticity and thickness of the vein, and the diagnosis of varicose vein can be diagnosed to some degree by an experienced thoracic & cardiovascular surgeon, but accurate diagnosis is possible only through the Vascular Ultrasound.

    • (Vascular Ultrasound / Examination Fee: KRW 80,000)

    • (Normal ultrasonographic findings on veins)

    • (Ultrasonographic findings on the vein requiring surgery)

    • (Physical Examination)

    Self-diagnosis of Varicose Vein

    Are your legs all right?
    Check your symptoms for varicose vein

    Check the Self-diagnosis List below!

    Check List

    There is a pain on the calves.

    I have frequent cramps on the legs.

    My legs feel heavy even when standing or walking for 10 minutes.

    My legs are swollen easily.

    Blood vessels are protruding to be seen or felt on the legs.

    There is family history of varicose vein.

    I have a numbed feeling on the sole of the foot.

    There is a skin disease on the legs, and it does not heal easily.

    Blue or red veins on the legs are visible.

    I feel pain on the legs for about 3 or more times a week.

    Among the 10 items above, if you have some symptoms, consultation on varicose vein is required at Central Varicose Vein Clinic.

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