Cold Hand/Feet Syndrome / Cold Feet

    May cases of cold feet and legs can be due to Varicose Vein.

    Is the “Cold Hand/Feet Syndrome” treated at a thoracic & cardiovascular surgery clinic?
    Yes, it is.

    Cold Hand/Feet Syndrome and Cold Feet caused by Varicose Vein and blood circulation disorder can be treated more effectively in the thoracic & cardiovascular surgery clinic with more clinical experience in blood vessel and blood circulation, and on cardiac disorders. If there was no progress in treatment of Cold Hand/Feet Syndrome due to unknown causes, meet the know-how of Cold Hand/Feet Syndrome at Central Varicose Vein Clinic with abundant amount of clinical experiences in Varicose Vein.

    What is Cold Hand/Feet Syndrome / Cold Feet?

    It is the symptom of feeling coldness on the hands and feet in the temperature that is not very cold.
    The causes of occurrence are various from Varicose Vein to blood circulation disorder due to stress and hormonal changes, and in the process of finding the cause, time and expense can be spent on groundless and ineffective treatments such as taking nutritional supplements or blood circulation enhancers. In this case, it can result in serious complications such as extremity ulcer or necrosis, so special caution is required.

    Symptoms that can be suspicious of Cold Hand/Feet Syndrome due to Varicose Vein

    1. Hands and feet are chilly even when it is not cold, and in serious cases, socks must be worn to go to sleep.
    2. There is sometimes chilliness felt on the knees, calves, lower abdomen and waist.
    3. There is a feeling of heat along with feeling cold.
    4. Symptoms are accompanied with trophedema or numbness, pain, fatigue, etc.

    Cold Hand/Feet Syndrome Treatment at Central Varicose Vein Clinic

    Venous reflux that is the cause of blood circulation disorder is diagnosed through the vascular ultrasound, and through over 20 years of know-how on vascular examination, hidden problematic blood vessels that cannot be found in other hospitals are found. When discovering the problematic blood vessel, treatment methods according to the patient’s condition from conservative treatment (wearing compression stockings) to surgical treatment (occlusion of the relevant blood vessel) are applied depending on the progress of the nature of the disease. In cases of radio frequency and VenaSeal treatment including the laser treatment on the veins, not only a discharge from the hospital on the day of the surgery, but also quick returning to everyday life are possible.

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