Prevention of Varicose Vein

    Methods that can be of some help through habits, and methods that help prevent the varicose vein from worsening

    Methods that can help prevent Varicose Vein

    Varicose Vein is a progressive disease, so after its occurrence, the condition cannot be improved without surgical methods.

    • Exercise of moving the ankles up & down while sitting

      You must stand up and walk every 30 minutes, and should not sit with the legs crossed. While standing, try to exercise by standing on your toes.

    • Wear comfortable shoes

      Avoid wearing high heels or shoes that do not fit your feet, and wear shoes that tighten your feet or ankles with a strap.

    • Do not take a hot bath in the morning

      A hot bath in the morning will make you move with your blood vessels extended. If you need to take a hot bath in the morning due to unavoidable reasons, finish off the bath with a cold shower.

    • Improve Dietary Life and Maintain Proper Body Weight

      Reduce the intake of salt to maintain a low-salt diet as much as possible, and eat high-fiber diet to prevent the legs from swelling.

    • Prevent Constipation

      Constipation is a factor that increases the abdominal pressure and the pressure on the veins on the lower limbs.

    • Avoid Tight Clothes

      Tight pants or underwear can inhibit the blood circulation.

    • Avoid staying at a hot place

      Varicose vein can occur from trauma, so it is important to check the accurate medical history.

    • Consistent walking exercise

      The calf muscles that are weakened from a lack of exercise prevent the calves from playing the role of a secondary heart, so varicose vein may occur from weakening of the strength to push the venous blood from the ankles to the heart.

    • The legs should be placed higher than the heart when resting or sleeping.

      Numbness and cramps can be reduced by placing the legs higher than the heart, but this cannot be the fundamental treatment.

    Helpful Exercises for Patients with Varicose Vein

    Too much exercise can rather interfere with the blood circulation. Helpful exercises for those with varicose vein are aerobic exercise and lifting the legs while lying down.

    • Walking

    • Exercise of riding bicycles in the air

    • Exercise in a seated position

    • Swimming

    • Lifting the leg on the wall

    • Shaking the legs in a lying position


    Aerobic exercises instead of exercises that give strain on the joints can help blood circulation and to relieve the swelling on the legs.

    2.Exercise of riding bicycles in the air

    By lying on the ground and lifting the legs in the air for the exercise of pedaling the legs as if riding a bicycle, knotted muscles get relaxed to help the blood circulation.

    3.Exercise in a seated position

    A movement of lifting the ankles up and stretching forward is repeated 10 times, and this set of exercise is repeated twice with some interval between sets.


    Swimming is not affected by gravity, and repeated leg movements help the circulation of venous blood to strengthen the vein walls.

    5.Lifting the leg on the wall

    Pressure on the leg is dispersed. While in a lying position, both legs are placed on the wall to maintain the position for more than 1 minute.

    6.Shaking the legs in a lying position

    Both legs are raised in a lying position, and the tip of the toes are spread outside to be gathered inside.
    Also, shaking the legs in the air is recommended.

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