Latent Varicose Vein

    Uneven protrusion of the veins isn’t the only visible signs of varicose vein.
    Only the patient knows the pain that is not visible to the eyes.

    Central Varicose Vein Clinic
    that was the first hospital to establish the concept of Latent Varicose Vein!

    Know-how of finding the hidden problematic blood vessels was accumulated from over 10 years of clinical experience.
    Central Varicose Vein Clinic finds the exact cause of the patients who searched for the cause of the symptoms because even the university hospitals couldn’t diagnose the Varicose Vein.

    What is Latent Varicose Vein?

    It refers to the varicose vein that is in progress with the nature of the disease without any visible signs.
    Unlike the varicose vein that people are generally aware of where the blood vessels are protruding or shown in blue on the surface of the skin, the nature of the disease is in progress internally without any external signs.

    As the visible part of the iceberg is just a small part of the entire iceberg and most of it is submerged in water, visible signs of latent varicose vein are very much limited.

    Due to these characteristics, people can’t guess the symptoms to be due to varicose vein because there are no visible signs even if suffering from trophedema, numbness, cramps, Cold Hand/Feet Syndrome, etc.
    There are many cases of finding the cause of the symptom in other parts of the body such as the nerves or joints, etc.

    Among the total number of varicose vein patients, many patients are occurred with the disease in the form of latent varicose vein, so precise awareness and caution are required.

    The reason that Latent Varicose Vein accompanies symptoms such as edema, numbness, pain and fatigue is because the venous circulation is stagnated to have the bodily waste being accumulated inside the blood vessels, and the blood vessels are swollen from the backflow of blood to give pressure and stimulation to the peripheral nerves.
    Accordingly, patients with Latent Varicose Vein may be relieved of the symptoms temporarily from better blood circulation, but in the afternoon/night when the amount of activity is reduced, the symptoms may recur or get worse.

    *The venous blood is pushed up by the vascular pumping action by the contraction and relaxation of the calf muscles.
    Calf muscles are the secondary heart of the human body.

    Exclusive Experiences & Know-how of Central Varicose Vein Clinic

    Central Varicose Vein Clinic has the exclusive experiences and know-how on finding the hidden problematic blood vessels.
    Along with discomfort in life from latent varicose vein such as trophedema, Cold Hand/Feet Syndrome, etc., recurrence from the problematic blood vessels that were not found in the existing varicose vein treatment are also treated.

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