Latent Varicose Vein

    Uneven protrusion of the veins isn’t the only visible signs of varicose vein.
    Only the patient knows the pain that is not visible to the eyes.

    Latent Varicose Vein treatment can awaken the potential of the students.

    If the school records of your children continue to decrease or your children have low concentration skills, consider the possibility of Latent Varicose Vein.

    Your child suddenly decreases in school records, but what’s more sad is that your child is continuing the efforts. If various efforts don’t solve the problem, you can think of the possibility of decrease in physical strength from fatigue

    because physical strength is the most important factor in maintaining the concentration for a long period of time.

    Latent Varicose Vein that increases the fatigue from blood circulation disorder and a feeling of heaviness

    One of the main symptoms of Latent Varicose Vein is that the fatigue on the lower extremities is very severe. Blood in our body is pumped out from the heart to pass through the arteries to move to the organs and cells, and returns to the heart through the veins. In the veins, there are valves that inhibit the backflow of the blood in the direction opposite from the heart.

    However, when the valves are damaged, it results in blood backflow to continuously pressurize the nerves and muscles around the veins for stimulation. So even when you sit on a chair for just few minutes, your legs feel heavy, and you will easily feel the fatigue due to decrease in physical strength.

    In addition, varicose vein can accompany various symptoms such as numbness on the lower extremities, edema, cramp, cold hand & feet syndrome, heat, pain and blood vessels protruding on the surface of the skin that many people are aware of.

    Latent Varicose Vein is not visible to the eyes, and the occurrence age is gradually being lowered.

    When we say that there is varicose vein in the legs of their children, the reactions of many parents are that they cannot believe it. Unlike the symptoms of varicose vein that they are aware of (image of blood vessels protruding on the calf), it looks as if their child’s leg has no problem, and it is difficult to think that their teenager child is diagnosed with an illness that is occurred on age of 40 or more.

    However, there are actually more cases of latent varicose vein where it is not possible to verify visually instead of the symptoms being observed visually. In addition, varicose vein was mostly occurred to specific age group in the past, but due to the change in lifestyle, the occurrence rate in the younger generation is increasing explosively.

    Even though the students are young in age, they have to sit in front of the desk for a long period of time, so it will strain the valves in the vein. Students are vulnerable to the occurrence of varicose vein. If you have observed the following symptoms on your children or if your child complains of the symptoms directly, please visit clinics for the vascular sonography for the diagnosis of latent varicose vein.

    Symptoms that can be suspicious of Latent Varicose Vein on the students

    - The legs feel heavy and tired even when sitting in front of the desk for a short period of time.
    - The calves are easily swollen or numb, with frequent cramps.
    - Your child suddenly says that he/she is tired.
    - Your child rubs his/her calves or thighs frequently.
    - Your child seems to have difficulty or feel tired on the legs when standing in the bus or subway for even a short period of time.
    - Your child raises his/her leg high while lying on the bed to relieve the fatigue on the legs.

    Varicose Vein does not heal naturally, but by receiving laser surgery, the patient can return to everyday life on the day of the surgery.

    Unlike cold and general wounds that are healed naturally without active treatment, varicose vein is a progressive disease that is gradually worsened in symptom without surgical procedure. This is because the intravenous valves cannot be regenerated or restored when damaged.

    Due to these reasons, treatments such as drug administration or home remedy are not possible, and medical compression stockings only delay the speed of the symptom, and do not provide fundamental treatment.

    Latent varicose vein treatment by Central Varicose Vein Clinic is through the intravenous laser surgery that is verified of the safety among the therapeutic methods that are developed until today. Through the exclusive surgical know-how of Central Varicose Vein Clinic that first established the concept of latent varicose vein, patients can return to the everyday life on the day of the surgery without adverse reactions.

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