Latent Varicose Vein

    Uneven protrusion of the veins isn’t the only visible signs of varicose vein.
    Only the patient knows the pain that is not visible to the eyes.

    Latent Varicose Vein Treatment for Wellness in the Average Life Span of 100 Years

    'Healthy until Age 99', healthy life until age 99 starts from healthy legs.

    As we gradually enter the super-aged society, there are more people worrying about blood circulation disorders for maintaining the health. Moreover, the elderly that do not have physical metabolism like they had in the past emphasize more on the importance of blood circulation. However, there are actually many people who do not know that the legs, especially the calves play a big role in the blood circulation and health.

    There is a saying that the ‘calves play the role of secondary heart’. This is because the veins that have low blood pressure to have difficulty in autonomous circulation are sent up to the heart by the contraction and relaxation actions of the calf muscles. However, varicose vein disturbs the blood circulation action of the legs including the calves. In this case, the heart that has to pump only once for blood circulation in normal condition must pump 2~3 times, and thus this will put a strain on the heart.

    Latent Varicose Vein that threats the health of the calves

    Varicose vein is a disease that is occurred when the valves inside the veins for inhibiting the backflow of the blood to the opposite direction from the heart are damaged. In other words, blood backflow is occurred to accompany various symptoms from blood circulation disorder to edema, numbness, cramp, pain, cold hands & feet syndrome, etc.

    The appearance of the blood vessels protruding unevenly on the surface of the skin that many people know of is due to the veins swollen from the blood pressure from backflow. However, most of the varicose veins are actually progressed in the form of ‘Latent Varicose Vein’ where the symptoms are not shown visually, so suspicious symptoms can easily be neglected. If there are symptoms as shown below, we recommend you to receive the vascular sonography for the diagnosis of Latent Varicose Vein.

    Symptoms that can be suspicious of Latent Varicose Vein

    - Legs are numb and cramped before sleeping at night and waking up in the morning.
    - There are cases of waking up at night during sleeping due to sudden pain on the leg, or severe cramp.
    - There is heat felt on the feet and calves, and suffering from cold hands & feet syndrome.
    - Legs feel heavy and easily tired even from short activities.

    Will you live up to 100 years with heavy legs? Only healthy legs guarantee your active golden years.

    Latent Varicose Vein treatment is for eliminating the edema, numbness and pain, but it is also for enabling the heavy legs to feel lighter. Especially, the elderly that are gradually weakening in physical strength can easily feel the fatigue from activities when the legs feel heavy from the latent varicose vein, and their activities will be limited. Therefore, Latent Varicose Vein is referred to as the well-being disease that reduces the quality of life.

    The intravenous valves cannot be regenerated or restored when damaged. Therefore, latent varicose vein treatment is performed through the method of closing the problematic blood vessel. Among the patients, there are some patients that ask if there are any problems in blood circulation if the blood vessel is closed, but it actually has the effect of activating the blood circulation, because the blood that is stagnated in the problematic blood vessel travels to the alternative blood vessel.

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