Surgical Treatment

    Central Varicose Vein Clinic does not rush the consultation with the patients, and the patients are guaranteed of sufficient amount of time to ask questions to the doctor for preventing overtreatment and to guide the optimum treatment method.

    Intravenous Laser Surgery

    Laser is shot inside the blood vessel through the optical fiber for closure of the problematic vein.
    The Varicose Vein laser surgery is a legal non-payment item, and is applied with actual expense insurance when treating for the purpose of the disease.

    Intravenous laser surgery method

    The optical fiber slightly thicker than a hair is inserted inside the vein to shoot the laser, and the endangium is damaged to reduce the thickness of the vein.
    Afterwards, the vein is closed completely in a few days to block the backflow of blood.

    The venous blood that couldn’t go up to the heart from the backflow of blood on the problematic vein is disappeared, and venous circulation is returned to normal through other veins connected to the deep vein. Intravenous laser surgery is the most widely used method in the treatment of Varicose Vein. The recovery period is short, and it leaves no scars.

    RF (Radio Frequency) Surgery

    RF catheter is inserted inside the blood vessel instead of the laser optical fiber for closure of the problematic vein.
    The principle of treatment is emitting 120˚C of heat inside the blood vessel to induce vascular fibrosis, and is same as the intravenous laser surgery.
    (The actual expense insurance is also applied equally.)

    Cautions after the intravenous laser & RF surgery

    • 1

      There can be bruises on the treatment site after the surgery due to the bleeding, but the bruises are normally disappeared within 2 weeks.

    • 2

      A stretchy feeling and discomfort of the surgery site is a normal therapeutic process from the laser or RF surgery, and the discomfort is disappeared after a certain period of time.

    • 3

      The patient should not take a hot batch for 1 week after the surgery. However, shower can be taken after removing the bandage on the following day.

    • 4

      The patient should not drink for 1 week after the surgery. Drinking will result in the expansion of the blood vessels.


    What is Venaseal?

    Intravenous laser or RF surgery uses heat for closure of the problematic vein, but VenaSeal is injecting cyanoacrylate inside the problematic vein to adhere the lining of the blood vessel for closure.
    By using an adhesive instead of heat, there are advantages of less pain and also no scars like the laser / RF surgery.

    Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy

    Vascular sclerotic agent is injected into the problematic vein by seeing through the ultrasound for vascular closure.

    Traditional Surgery

    This surgery was performed before the intravenous laser surgery was developed.
    However, the traditional surgery is rarely performed recently due to the risk of complications, requiring a long hospitalization period, and big scar from the surgery.

    Great Saphenous Vein Removal Surgery

    Incision is made on sites near the groin and knee to find the problematic vein.
    The wire is inserted into the vein in the groin to come out from the knee, and is tied with the vein to strip the vein on the knee for removal.

    Ambulatory Phlebectomy

    As indicated, the patients receiving ambulatory phlebectomy can walk immediately after the surgery. A fine incision is made on the skin on top of the varicose vein for removal.

    What is ambulatory phlebectomy?

    A minimum incision is made after local anesthesia to remove the damaged blood vessel.

    Simple treatment is performed under local anesthesia, and in varicose vein with severe expansion, more satisfying therapeutic effect can be experienced with the ambulatory phlebectomy within a quick period of time.
    Ambulatory phlebectomy is recently being performed frequently due to minimum scars, and the surgery is performed together with intravenous laser treatment.
    Central Varicose Vein Clinic has continued the research on intravenous laser surgery and sclerotherapy, and thus we are now able to perform treatment on most of the varicose veins without the concurrent treatment of ambulatory phlebectomy.

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