Conservative Treatment

    There is vascular therapy and compression stocking therapy for conservative treatment.


    This method is for treatment of netted varicose vein (spider-like varicose vein) and hemotelangiosis.


    Vascular sclerotic agent is injected through the syringe on the relevant site to eliminate disfigured blood vessels immediately.

    After the treatment, blood clot is created to make the color darker temporarily, but it is absorbed slowly to be disappeared. It is an effective method to remove the blood vessels even when there are blue blood vessels on the top of the hands.
    After the injection, medical high-elasticity stockings shall be worn about 8 or more hours a day for 3 days.
    The period of wearing the stockings can be adjusted through consultation with the medical specialist.
    However, it is difficult to eliminate the thick varicose veins only through this method.

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    Cautions after the vascular sclerotherapy

    • 1

      The patient must do walking exercise for about 30 minutes a day for 3 days after the treatment.

    • 2

      There may be discomfort on the chest after the treatment, but it is a transitional phenomenon from administration of the vascular sclerotic agent, and is recovered to normal state after a short period of time. Walking will help the discomfort on the chest. 5-10 minutes of walk will normally ease the discomfort on the chest.

    • 3

      The color of the blood vessel may look darker and it gets hard after the treatment, but this is the result of accurate administration of the vascular sclerotic agent on the blood vessel, and is part of the therapeutic process. Following the accurate hospital visit schedule is recommended.

    • 4

      Wear the compression stockings for 8 hours a day for 3 days.

    • 5

      The patient should avoid drinking and smoking for one day.

    • 6

      Shower or bath should be avoided on the day of receiving the sclerotherapy, and shower can be taken on the following day after removing the bandage.

    Compression Stockings

    Generally, compression stockings are worn by flight attendants to be referred to as ‘stewardess stockings’, and these medical high-elasticity stockings (compression stockings) help the venous blood circulation on the lower limbs.
    Therefore, the venous blood circulation on the lower limbs is supported when the medical high-elasticity stockings are worn for those who are pregnant or work in a stand-up position for long period of time.
    Conservative treatment for varicose vein treatment is not a fundamental treatment, and is only intended for supplementary support.

    Medical compression stockings are different from general stockings!

    The pressure is the strongest on the ankles, and the pressure is reduced while going up the legs.

    Compression stockings were specially manufactured for medical purposes as the preventive and therapeutic method prescribed by the medical team to patients with Varicose Vein. Unlike the general compression stockings that only tighten the legs, medical compression stockings apply maximum pressure on the ankles, and the compressive strength is reduced as going up the legs to be applied with 40% of pressure compared to the ankles on the thighs.
    Through this difference in pressure, the venous blood that is focused on the bottom of the legs is pushed up towards the heart, and the backflow of venous blood is prevented.

    Tip. How do I select the proper compression stockings?

    When wearing compression stockings, the compression stockings not appropriate to one’s physique or symptom can rather result in adverse reactions.

    Medical compression stockings are recommended to the following people!

    • Those who work a long period of time standing
      (Nurses, flight attendants, salespersons, chefs, etc.)

    • Heavy and tired legs from pregnancy and childcare

    • Parents who require compression on the legs due to no strength or cramps on the legs

    • Those with frequent swelling and tired calves

    • Those with frequent cramps and pain on the calves in the afternoon

    • Those who work a long period of time in a sitting position

    How to wear the compression stockings

    • Moisture on the legs must be completely dried.

    • Arms are inserted into the stockings to turn the stockings inside out except for the feet and the heel.

    • Insert the feet to completely adhere the sole and heel of the feet.

    • Roll up slowly and carefully from the heel towards the knee.

    • Without pulling the end of the stockings, the stockings are spread evenly from the bottom to the top until the stockings are adhered completely.

    • While lying down, the legs are stretched up, and massage is performed from the ankles to the thighs for about 1 minute to enable the blood circulation from the lower limbs to the heart.

    Period of Wear

    It is recommended to wear the stockings before going to work in the morning. In the case of having serious swelling, it is recommended to wear the stockings while sleeping.

    Wearing Conditions

    1) Maintain the stockings tight without any wrinkles. 2) Take caution not to be stuck by nail, ring or watch, etc. 3) Do not apply sudden force by force. 4) When the thigh (band)-type is slipping down, wear a waistband or a shoulder band.

    How to take off the stockings

    The stockings can be taken off in the opposite method of putting on the stockings. After taking off the stockings, leave the stockings to be in an inside-out state.

    How to wash the compression stockings

    • Neutral detergent is used in the temperature of 30 or less

    • NO Washing Machine!
      YES Hand Washing!

    • Clothesline X, Drying Rack X, Direct Sunlight X

    / Washing Method

    · Proper washing method extends the elasticity and lifespan of the stockings.
    · While wearing the stockings, foreign substances such as sweat and dust are stuck between the strands to reduce the elasticity and damage the elastic fiber, so the stockings shall be washed every day.
    · When washing the stockings, water temperature of 30 degrees or less is most suitable, and washing the stockings in hot water or boiling water is prohibited.
    · For washing 1 pair of stockings, 0.5 liter of water and 0.5 teaspoon of neutral detergent or baby soap is recommended.
    · Do not use soft detergents such as soda, etc.

    / How to wash the stockings

    · Do not soak the stockings in water for a long period of time.
    · Mechanical washing (including the washing machine) is prohibited, and the stockings must be washed by hands.
    · Rub the parts that are especially dirty with soft sponge.
    · Rinse with lukewarm water until the water is clear.

    / How to dry the stockings

    · Do not twist or dry in a spin-dryer.
    · Place a towel on the floor to spread the stockings on the top, and cover the stockings with another towel to remove the water.
    · The stockings must be dried naturally in a well-ventilated place.
    · Do not dry on a clothesline or on a drying rack.
    · Special caution is required to avoid especially direct sunlight.

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