Latent Varicose Vein

    Uneven protrusion of the veins isn’t the only visible signs of varicose vein.
    Only the patient knows the pain that is not visible to the eyes.

    Take care of your bride’s health before marriage through Latent Varicose Vein examination

    Varicose Vein that can be ignored carelessly; vascular sonography is required before marriage.

    For women planning for marriage, we recommend pre-marriage vascular sonography for varicose vein examination. Varicose vein is well known as a disease frequently occurred in middle-aged women over 40’s, but due to the change in lifestyle, the occurrence rate is increasing rapidly among the young generation.

    The reason that pre-marriage varicose vein examination is important is because when varicose vein is occurred during the pregnancy period, surgery for treatment is not possible during this period, and thus the pregnant woman must endure the symptoms of the varicose vein. Also during the pregnancy period, the blood volume inside the body is increased, blood vessels expand, and the enlarged uterus compresses the vein to worsen the symptoms of the varicose vein, which can have especially bad effect to the health of the mother.

    Therefore, women planning for marriage should not neglect various symptoms that can be suspicious of varicose vein such as numbness on the lower extremities, edema, cramp, fatigue, etc., and receive the examination for the occurrence of varicose vein through vascular sonography.

    Latent Varicose Vein that is not possible to be diagnosed visually

    Varicose vein can be thought as a disease where blood vessels are protruding on the surface of the skin, but most of the varicose veins actually progress in the form of latent varicose vein that is not possible to be diagnosed visually. Due to this reason, many bride-to-be do not receive treatment on the latent varicose vein, and get married to become pregnant. They suffer from numbness on the lower extremities, edema, cramp, cold hand & feet syndrome, heat, and fatigue until the childbirth.

    Varicose vein is occurred when the intravenous valves inhibiting the backflow of blood are damaged. The symptom of blood vessels protruding on the surface of the skin is also because of the blood backflow to compress the veins to result in the veins becoming swollen, and such swollen veins compress and stimulate the peripheral nerves and muscles to result in various symptoms such as numbness on the lower extremities, edema, etc.
    In other words, protrusion of the blood vessels is only one of the various symptoms of varicose vein, and even if the legs look normal, latent varicose vein can be suspicious if the following symptoms are shown.

    Symptoms that can be suspicious of Latent Varicose Vein

    - Normally, the legs are numb and swollen occasionally or frequently.
    - There are cramps on the legs.
    - There is cold hands & feet syndrome or heat on the legs.
    - There is unknown pain.
    - Compared to the past, legs feel heavy and get tired easily.

    Exclusive therapeutic know-how of Central Varicose Vein Clinic without adverse reaction of DVT (deep vein thrombosis)

    Basically, the treatment method developed until today on varicose vein is closing the problematic vein, because once the intravenous valve is damaged, it cannot be restored or regenerated. Therefore, non-surgical methods such as drugs, exercise and wearing compression stockings cannot be the fundamental treatment methods, so proper understanding is required on this.

    Central Varicose Vein Clinic first established the concept of Latent Varicose Vein, and is continuing the therapeutic philosophy of safety as the top priority, so there were no cases of adverse reaction related to DVT until today. It is the result of insisting on intravenous laser surgery that is proven with safety, and developing exclusive surgical know-how of the clinic.

    Latent varicose vein treatment by Central Varicose Vein Clinic is possible for returning to the everyday life on the same day from examination to treatment, and if required, injection sclerotherapy may be used in combination.

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